Shake it baby!

To whet your appetite in time for our upcoming Choctail Masterclass, as part of our Connoisseur Club programme of events, here’s a Classic Choctail recipe to get you started!

Choctail Masterclass

Choctail Masterclass

Classic Choctail Recipe

35ml Dark chocolate liqueur
35ml Spiced rum
1 scoop vanilla ice cream

Melt down some dark chocolate and gently dip a martini glass into it to leave a rim. Charge
full of ice and set in the fridge for two minutes.
Add all the components into a blender and blend for 24 seconds.
Remove the glass from the fridge and discard the ice.
Transfer the ingredients into a Boston tin and single strain into the glass through a hawthorn
Garnish with chocolate shavings and straws.

The Choctail Masterclass Connoisseur Club event will take place from 7pm on Tuesday 4th June. Tickets are £10 each. To book your place please call 0845 498 9411.

Find out more  about York’s CHOCOLATE Story on our website.


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