This week we’d like to spend some time contemplating the fascinating subject of that delicious aromatic herb – mint! Native to Europe, Asia and Africa, if you were to poll everyone across the world, you would struggle to find a scent or taste as well-known as mint.

Mint was brought to Britain by the Romans and has been used for a wide range of purposes for millennia. Early uses of the herb include a Greek air-freshener used at banquets, a medieval tooth whitener and even a wreath worn by Roman students in order to stimulate and exhilarate their minds! However, the most ubiquitous use of mint today is arguably as flavouring in many popular confectionery products.

POLO is still Britain’s best-selling mint brand with approximately 20 million mints produced every day and more than 150 POLOs eaten every second. The famous mint with the hole was created in York at the Rowntree’s factory and was due for launch in 1939, but delayed by the onset of WWII. Finally launched in 1948, POLOs have been a firm favourite ever since – with children, adults and we are reliably informed – horses!

POLO is just one of the great many British confectionery brands to come out of York that have really stood the test of time. Still made here today, if all the POLO presses at Nestlé’s York factory were running at optimum speed, they could produce an incredible 32,400 POLOs a minute!

This Father’s Day weekend (15 – 16 June) York’s CHOCOLATE Story is celebrating the POLO mint’s 65th anniversary. Visitors to the attraction will be able to uncover the history behind the world famous mint, as well as a wealth of fascinating and ‘holesome’ facts!

To find out more and book your ticket click here.


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