Sweet success for Smarties


York is a city built on the confectionery industry, with many of the world’s most iconic sweetie brands having been created within the city’s walls. As you may have seen, this summer we set ourselves the tough task of uncovering the public’s favourite sweet to have come out of York.

After a closely fought competition, we can now reveal Smarties as the winner and the public’s favourite York sweetie. The colourful treat came out top in the survey which took in the opinions of over 5,000 people. In a close run competition, Smarties just edged victory with 21% of the vote followed by Fruit Pastilles on 18% and Jelly Tots in third at 16%.

The survey, which took place across a two-month period at the attraction and online, formed part of celebrations of the 120th anniversary of Fruit Gums and the 50th anniversary of Tootty Frooties, both of which were created in the city of York. People were asked to vote for their favourite sweet out of the many famous brands that have come out of the city, including; Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Gums, Jelly Tots, Smarties, Tooty Frooties, Polos and Rowntree’s Randoms.   


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