WW1: A Taste of Home

Don’t miss our brand new fascinating exhibition commemorating the centenary of World War 1. Showcasing previously unseen artefacts and letters, which provide a fascinating and unique perspective on the conflict, the exhibition will run throughout 2014.

Throughout history cocoa has proved a valuable resource in times of war, dating back to the warrior Aztecs who drank bitter cocoa to gain strength and energy. Our ground-breaking exhibition tells an uplifting story from the Great War through a series of artefacts, exhibits and footage. Explore how the gift of chocolate helped to keep wartime spirits high – both at home and on the frontline. You can also investigate how the city’s famous Quaker chocolate companies offered their support to the war effort and how chocolate manufacturing changed forever after 1918.

Enjoy a taste of the exhibition with an extract from a touching letter from soldier Gunner Henry Bailey from Holgate, York, 11 January 1915, below:

“I feel that I ought to send my very best thanks for the nice box of chocolate I received so unexpectedly […] I am proud to be able to say that I am a York lad and am looking forward to a speedy termination of this Cruel War. I shall prize the box as long as God spares me.”



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