New Exhibition!

We’re launching a new exhibition this spring, ‘Brilliant Brands: York Chocolate Through the Ages’. From 4th May, drop by and delve into the history of York’s most famous brands.

While other British cities were built on steel, coal or wool, York’s fame and fortune have rested on chocolate for almost 300 years. World-famous brands, including KitKat, Aero and Terry’s Chocolate Orange, all originated from the historic city of York. The legacy of three entrepreneurial families: Rowntree’s, Terry’s and Craven’s, continues to this day. Though much has changed over the centuries, York remains the UK’s home of chocolate.

You will be able to take a journey through York’s much-loved confectionary – from the 1800’s to the modern day – and discover which world famous chocolate bar was once called Chocolate Crisp, and which multi-coloured treats were formerly known as Chocolate Beans. The exhibition will showcase a unique collection of packaging and artefacts, never before seen together.



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