February Half Term awaits!

This February Half Term (14th – 22nd February), we will pay homage to the nation’s favourite bubbly chocolate bar – AERO, as it celebrates 80 years of success.

The week-long celebrations will include demonstrations, hands on activities and fun facts for all the family. Originally created by Rowntree’s in 1935, the bubbly chocolate bar continues to be one of the nation’s favourite treats.

80 years ago, Rowntree’s created AERO. Initially, Cadbury owned the rights to the name of ‘AERO’, but close ties between the two great chocolate making companies meant that trade was possible. Rowntree’s swapped two names they owned – ‘Airman’ and ‘Airways’ – and the brand we all know and love today was created. During WW2, production of AERO was stopped for almost a decade due milk shortages, but began again in 1950. Since 1959 and the launch of AERO Peppermint, flavour variants have been a big part of the brand, from Lime to Coffee, and Strawberry to Caramel.

By popular demand, we will be open earlier than usual for one week only, offering additional tours at 9:30 and 9:45am.



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